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RECYCLING 101: Paper and Cardboard - what you need to know

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Kaipara Refuse

23 May 2024, 9:27 PM

RECYCLING 101: Paper and Cardboard - what you need to know

A message from Kaipara Refuse:


  • Around 550,000 of the 830,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard products produced every year is sent for recycling. This includes paper and cardboard from households and businesses.
  • Paper and cardboard are collected and sorted, and contaminants are removed.
  • At the paper mill materials are soaked in hot water, converted into pulp, and filtered.
  • The pulp is sprayed onto screens, drained, and formed into a wet sheet.
  • The wet sheet is passed over heated rollers to dry. The dry sheets are cut into the correct size and shape for new cardboard products.

Types of Card/paper you CAN recycle:


Pizza boxes (remove food scraps first)

Newspaper and magazines

Office paper

Envelopes (you can include those that have a window)

Greeting cards (without glitter).

Types of Card/paper you CAN'T recycle:

Drink cartons such as those used for some juices or long-life milk e.g Tetrapaks

Cardboard tubes for chips

Takeaway coffee cups

Waxed cardboard

Foil-based gift wrapping

Cards or wrapping with glitter

Shredded paper

Tissues and paper towels

Recyling is now standarised throughout the country. So wherever you go, what you can and cannot recycle is the same.